About us


Foto: Johannes Arlt

We are an exclusive group of arts patrons

Operating under the name FÖRDERKREIS DEICHTORHALLEN HAMBURG e.V. (PATRONS OF THE DEICHTORHALLEN HAMBURG), we support the future development of the Deichtorhallen exhibition space and play a key role in establishing the Deichtorhallen as a ground-breaking venue for contemporary art and photography in Hamburg and beyond.

As our work is not dictated by self-interest, we are able to support projects that attract no public funding and ensure they come to fruition. This includes supporting top-class exhibitions which otherwise couldn’t be realised. We also help to facilitate smaller projects designed to bring art to life as part of planned exhibitions. These include youth projects, catalogues and audio guides.

The group’s main goal is to help fund exhibitions by leading international artists in the Deichtorhallen and to bring these within reach of the art and photography enthusiasts of Hamburg.

Thanks to the group of patrons, which was founded in summer 2011, the Deichtorhallen is able to actively shape its own future. This will also make it possible for the Deichtorhallen to keep up with the leading venues for international art and photography over the long term.